Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tilia Malbec-Syrah 13'

Naked Wine Review 163

Wine: Tilia Malbec-Syrah
Grapes: 50% Malbec 50% Syrah 
Producer: Tilia INV-D 70600
Vintage: 13’
Region: Argentina>Mendoza’s East Valley and Uco Valley
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 5/15/15, make a wish.
Place tasted: I had opened the bottle to let it breathe while I did my daily session of nerve flossing. I have to floss my nerves now. Imagine that. I was focusing on my core muscles and doing my thing while the TV was watching me, fascinated by my every move. I’ve decided to name my TV, Keith. May as well make this a two way conversation right? By the time I got to the wine I felt so much better that I was dancing in joyous naked abandon and singing a lovely song that I thought Keith would most certainly Not enjoy. I don’t really like Keith very much. I did however really enjoy this bottle of wine. 
Served with: Matambre Arrollado, That was quite a production but well worth the effort. I’d recommend you have the butcher flatten that flank steak for you if you can, otherwise it’s pound baby pound… for a very long time to get it thinned down. 
It’s a food friendly wine and would go well with a nice antipasto spread, a large variety of cheeses, grilled red meats and things of that nature. 
Appearance: Slow voluptuous legs move down viscous rolling hills in the fascinating world inside your balloon glass. A swirly deep garnet and purple flower blossoms in full beauty when held to the light.
On the snoot: Ripe dark fruit, oak, and wet sandy beach combine in a powerful punch to the snoot.
Taste: Juicy plum and dark berries radiate through your senses giving pause for ponder. Spanky old leather whips snap with a tobacco patina while back pepper and fresh cut grass move throughout the cocoa dusted clouds of tannin, soft and understated. Finishes long and luscious with subtle notes of creosote on the exhale. 
Balance: Acid over sugar sings high and strong. She’s a little hot coming out of the bottle so let her breathe and warm up her voice first. Tannins light a variable. With such a smooth velvety texture, I’d say she’s probably into mellow jazz. 
Comments: If this wine were a woman she’d be a lusty lounge singer in a dimly lit sad piano bar. She’s Filled with secrets as all good singers are. 
I Loved it. 

Rating: 4 grateful tipsys, excellent value, Excellent!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cabernet Sauvignon 13’ 

Naked Wine Review 162

Wine: Sagelands Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: Sagelands Vineyard, Walla Walla Washington
Vintage: 13’
Region: Washington State>Columbia Valley
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 4/20/15
Place tasted: I was so tired from swatting the flies of past injustices that I finally just put up a psychic fly zapper and moved my focus to the setting sun. That’s better. I laid my Bob Marley beach towel over a garage sale lawn lounger then set a shovel and pail of sand at my side, because you never know when the ocean might drop by. A little blue blow up kiddy pool with bright orange Nemo’s on it was sitting just over there for occasional cool offs. Eyes closed under dark glasses I grounded myself and welcomed the great Dionysus to flow into me and carry my useless baggage into the horizon, never to return. Naked, free, starting over.
Served with: My pasta salad. It would be great with grilled red meats, Lamb or other kinds of roasts, herby red stuff (or herby green stuff), Stilton and a wide range of cheeses, and of course good dark chocolate. A very food friendly wine.
Appearance: Viscous and leggy on the glass which is filled with glowing Lambert red cherry and clear ruby glistenings.
On the snoot: The pungent perfume of rose and cherry cotton candy on the snoot inspires memories of that one time we did that weird thing together.
Taste: It’s sooo Big! Fruit forward with a lattice of basil and chocolate caressed by wet cedar, expanding. Soft round tannins ride through subtle leather tunnels in a long luscious finish. 
Balance: Sugar over acid but still nice and dry. Tannins chime in as cushy round accent notes; alcohol smooth and dreamy. 
Comments: Nothing like dusting off the classics. This is a reminder of how satisfying and comforting Cabernet can be. It was like listening to Chris Cornell, Ann Wilson, and Eddie Vedder harmonize in my head. A taste of the Divine to be sure.
Thank you Catie for turning me on to such a great wine.

Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bodegas Triton Tridente tempranillo 2012

Naked Wine Review 161

Wine: Tridente tempranillo
Producer: Bodegas Triton
Vintage: 2012
Region: Spain>Castilla y Leon>Vino do la tierra
Price: 16.00
Date tasted: 4/14/15
Place tasted: I was basking in the glow of naked twilight, enjoying the experience of this most impressive wine. A blackbird swooped in open caw that sounded a warning to all who might mean harm to her little bappies. Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer, and the blossoming has begun. 
May you breathe and blossom in freedom and love. Salud!
Served with: It was perfect with Viva Madrid Spanish Chicken. Give it some spice and even a hint of sweet. Dark chocolate, yes. Bleu cheese, oh ya. Stay away from creamy sauces and more subtle delicate flavors. This wine needs a little challenge to bring out its best. 
Appearance: Black violet hues pour liquid velvet into your glass. Legs of a warrior, strong and defined. He moves with all the control and grace of Nureyev. 
On the snoot: Pheromones of juicy plum, rich soil and wet wood. 
Taste: The first sip is like kissing a god. The second sip is like drinking one. Taste is full of musky warm black current, cracked peppercorn and cocoa powder. A big solid mouthful of pleasure. Finish rides long and sweet on a river of soft chewy tannins. 
Balance: Very well balanced; dry and beautiful. Spice over fruit; acid over sugars but remarkably smooth and full. With a 16% alcohol he's pretty smokin' hot so let him breathe for a while before the dance begins. Tannins are plentiful, chewy and satisfying. 
Comments: You will Love this wine. I'm going to need cases of it so please send money. Oh, you should probably buy some for yourself as well, but I cannot guarantee you that will not make me jealous.

Rating: 4 afterglowing tipsys

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Maraia Barbera del Monferrato 13'

Maraia Barbera del Monferrato 13'

Naked Wine Review 160

Wine: Maraia Barbera del Monferrato
Grape: 100% Barbera
Producer: Marchesi di Barolo
Vintage: 13'
Region: Italy>Piedmont
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 4/1/15
Place tasted: Contemplating the upcoming seed moon and with an air of optimism, I sipped this light and lovely wine and sent visions of health and beauty out to the universe that it might send them back to me tenfold. 
Have you ever felt that you've just emerged from a cocoon, wings all wet and heavy but beautiful and filled with the inspiring potential of flight? That's where I was when I tasted this wine, grateful for every breath I took, and every movement I could make. 
Served with: I had it with Mushroom Bolognese on tagliatelle pasta. It was fabulous! Due to the high and bright acidity of this wine, best stay away from rich buttery cream sauces and the like. 
Appearance: A red rainbow of pure pomegranate with glowing violet refractions. She has a thin body and slow forming bulbous legs. It's like watching a gentle spring rain stream down weeping windows. 
On the snoot: A powerful bouquet of wild flowers and cherry cotton candy.
Taste: Bright juicy raspberry and a little pie cherry give her honest beauty and elegance. Proudly naked she wears only a halo of star anise and bathes in a cold mountain stream running over minerals and stone. Finish is full and quenching if not a little fast. 
Balance: A nice medium/light well balanced experience with brilliant shining acids; no residual sugars; lively alcohol and minimal tannins. 
Comments: Life is not about living up to expectations, yours or anyone else's. Life is about perceiving and collecting experiences; being observant and curious; forming your own thoughts and ideas. You were not put here to do and think what you are told. You Chose to be in human form that you might express the divine intelligence that is uniquely and eternally part of you. This form is capable of great accomplishments, and these senses are capable of filling you with immeasurable joy. As far as I'm concerned, "the wine alone was worth the trip".
(twist on a quote from the movie K-PAX... just the bit in "quotes", the rest is all mine)
Wine Comments: It's a light and quenching mouthful. A good spring and summer wine. Throw a bottle in your picnic basket with a nice antipasto spread and go have a memorable experience with a good friend.
To being happy and free, cin cin.

Rating: 3.7 tipsys

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Domaine de la Janasse
Cotes du Rhone Cuvee
Reserve 12'

Naked Wine Review 159

Wine: Cotes du Rhone
Grapes: Grenache (55%), Syrah (25%), Carignan (10%), Cinsault (5%), Mourvedre (5%)
Producer: Domaine de la Janasse
Vintage: 12'
Region: France>Rhone>Southern Rhone>Cotes du Rhone
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 1/1/15
Place tasted: I was welcoming in 2015... and I don't mean to alarm you, but I think we are being followed. Stay quiet and keep to the shadows like I do; a painted naked warrior. Grab that bottle of wine and come with me. We are going to a land where there is still such a thing as privacy, empathy, and love. You and I will find our way now to the blessed garden where the air is manufactured by the mother herself. A place where the sea and the earth are clean healthy and strong. We will travel to where the true balance of nature once again is respected and adored by whatever superior species replaces the evil ones, before they do any more damage. As we ascend to meet them, we are becoming.... better beings. A toast to a better world and a more real tomorrow; image be damned!
Cheers All
Served with: I enjoyed it with a simple Cornish game hen dinner along side a wine poached Bosc pear salad, which was exceptional. 
It's a nice wine to go with all your favorite winter time comfort foods, such as hearty stews, shepherd's pie, pasta, pizza, steak au poivre, venison, and a wide range of cheeses. 
Appearance: Her soft round body hugs your glass while long royal statuesque legs stream in perfect unison back down into a delicious puddle of brilliant liquid ruby light; beautiful .
On the snoot: Heavily scented with sandalwood, dark fruit & berries. 
Taste: A mouthful of soft blueberry; herby and interesting with a spank of pepper and just a hint of oak. Long slow finish of posh spice, fruit, and lots of luscious dry tannins.
Balance: Medium/light body with no residual sugars, just subtle charm and grace. Dry and smooth, acid over sugar. There are plentiful bold tannins and high (14%) alcohol but somehow she's not too hot out of the bottle. That said, she does blossom and warm nicely when you let her breathe for a good hour or more before pouring. 
Comments: This wine was created with love and then blessed by the spirit of Dionysus himself..... you can just tell. What a great wine to start the new year with.  

Rating: 4 tipsy's, excellent value

Sunday, December 21, 2014

La Marca Prosecco Sparkling Wine

Naked Wine Review 158

Wine: La Marca Prosecco Sparkling Wine
Grape: Glera
Producer: La Marca
Vintage: Non-vintage
Region: Italy>Veneto>Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene 
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 12/17/14
Place tastedI could hear birds chirping over the sound of busses and shuffling shoes. Bells ringing outside store fronts with Santas attached to them struck a note of nostalgia in me where a smile broke lose from it's captive pain. The chorus of chatter from flocks of people in the streets was filled with a joyful sort of chaos. As I focused on the similarities between the sounds of people and the sounds of birds in collective unison, time slowed down enough for me to see, to hear, to experience something more complete than the fragments of funhouse mirrors that too often reflect distorted ideas about the world around me. 
May your consciousness be filled with the naked truth, your heart be full with compassion, and your spirit free to fly to the destinations of your wildest imagination. Salude!
Served with: Mandala hors d oeuvre plates. It would be wonderful with any subtle elegant seafood such as clams, mussels, oysters, scallops or lobster. Also caviar, smoked saLmon, chicken, and things in rich buttery cream sauces would complement nicely. 
Appearance: Twinkles like starlight in your glass, pale and clear with tight bubbles soaring in beautifully choreographed movement like a tiny liquid universe.
On the snoot: Ripe fragrant pear and citrus with a lily of the valley halo.
Taste: Bright apple and sweet grapefruit combine with gentle hugs of honeysuckle carmel. Wet mineral over cold stone stroke the edges of the palate until a crisp clean finish releases the senses from the pitter patter of tiny bubbles that fascinate and captivate throughout.
Balance: Perfectly balanced. Light bodied, dry and smooth with plentiful sparkling little bubbles.
Comments: Honey, I Loved it! It is special occasion worthy.
With New Years is just around the corner I'd like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. Cin Cin

Rating: 4 tipsys

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Domaine Lafage Cuvee Nicolas 12'

Naked Wine Review 157

Wine: Domaine Lafage Cuvee Nicolas
Grape: Grenache Noir 
Producer: Domaine Lafage 
Vintage: 12'
Region: France>Languedoc-Roussillon >Roussillon>Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 12/5/14
Place tasted: I had spent the day rollerskating through Flintstone Land wearing my new lederhosen. The ghost of my goldfish, Freddie, led me down various paths past curious children and giant waving Fred and Barney's. I waved back, Freddie did a little dance, and we giggled all the way home. What better at the end of a fun day like that than a nice bottle of French wine? 
Served with: Spicy butternut squash soup and warm bread. She’s very food friendly; grilled meats, game, herby pasta meals, roasts, spicy vegetable dishes and things of that nature all pair well with this one. 
Appearance: Firm naked body with thick beautiful legs draped in a gown of dark luminous pomegranate. Nice.
On the snoot: is the scent of fresh berries mingling with the distinct aroma of lilacs and roses.
Taste: Bursting with jammy raspberry, sweet spice, and a soft whisper of Dutch licorice. Finish is long and full with jazzy tones of smoke and earth over juicy red fruit and dusty tannins.
Balance: Medium body with soft alcohol, lively acids, minimal sugars, and warm subtle tannins.
Comments: I love this wine! She has simple elegance and grace. Go get yourself a bottle or two, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Padrillos Malbec 13'

Naked Wine Review 156

Wine: Padrillos Malbec
Producer: Ernesto Catena Selections Winery
Vintage: 13'
Region: Argentina>Mendoza
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 11/21/14
Place tasted: I was somewhere not being me, hanging out with you when you were Uri Geller. You kept bending spoons for wine in the local bars. Everywhere we went they had Padrillos Malbec. I quite liked it and so wrote my tasting notes on a bar napkin after 'glass zero' then found it crumpled up at the bottom of my purse the next day. This review is a result of that blurrily productive evening.
Served with: Coiled Children Playing with Eggs, trust me. As food friendly as a wine can be, she pairs well with hors d' oeuvres & cheeses of all kind, red meats, lamb, game, pork, and things of that nature (even gentle enough to serve with turkey :)
Appearance: She has elegant naked legs and svelte medium body draped in a gown of inky purple that dances around my glass, while sparkling ruby eyes wink and flirt. Very pretty.
On the snoot: Wildflower, pipe tobacco, and bramble patch combine in a breath of long lost memories; sad misplaced poets wandering in summertime meadows. 
Taste: Current black and berry too, smooth and dry the more you chew; vintage leather and tobacco cast, soft gentle tannins with a finish juicy and fast. 
(end rhyme mode) Sorry about that, it just happened.
Balance: She's well balanced and holds together nicely. Fruity and smooth if a little shy on tannin; enough acid and alcohol content to keep a lively spirit. 
Comments: This is a good everyday drinking wine. Her food friendly qualities, beautiful appearance, and all around likable nature also make her an excellent contribution to holiday gatherings.

Rating: 3.75 tipsys

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Locations Wine I-1 Italy
Red Wine by Dave Phinney

Naked Wine Review 155

Wine: Red Blend 
Producer: Locations
Vintage: 11' 
Region: Italy
Price: 13.00
Date tasted: 11/5/14
Place tasted: I was in a comforting bubble of soft blue light floating around a dusty naked moon and making up slogans for cocktail napkins... 
why, did you see me up there? 
Served with: It went wonderfully with a Frittata. What we have here is a nice full and complex wine that would pair well with herby red sauces, grilled meats, spicy sausage, strong cheeses, earthy vegetable dishes, and dark chocolate delights.
Appearance: Slow bulbous legs form as she gently peals from the glass like melting plastic wrap... fun to watch. She swims in opaque tones of garnet swirled around a glowing light of dark pumpkin orange. Very pretty.
On the snoot: Welcome a strong punch to the snoot filled with sweet fruit, wet grass and Dutch black licorice; so good I'd call it aromatherapy.
Taste: Ripe bursts of cherry, mineral, and star anise mingling with earthy mushroom and a hint of vanilla are immediately revealed. She's a mouthful of big velvety smoothness. Finish is long, hot, and juicy with fine plush tannins throughout. 
Balance: Sugar to acid ratio are even and complementary along with soft luscious tannins and heady alcohol, all well integrated into a beautiful structure. Just admire and let her breath a bit before diving in. 
Comments: Complex, interesting, and strong in character. An all around perfect wine. I loved it.

Rating: 4 tipsys

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Comoloco Monastrell 12'

Naked Wine Review 154

Wine: Comoloco 
Grape: Monastrell (Mourvedre)
Producer: Orowines & Gill Family Estates
Vintage: 12'
Region: Spain>Murcia>Jumilla
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 10/3/14
Place tasted: I was watching this goddess on a tigers back chasing down an evil tyrant. "Run kitty, run" I thought to myself. "MA DURGA MA! Ha Ha Ha", that tyrant was toast. Good, I hate tyrants. Tyrants really suck. I just can't think of enough bad things to say about evil tyrannical forces. On the up side, I cant' think of anything bad to say about this lovely bottle of wine. She sings like a siren beckoning your thirsty ship to the reef of eternal bliss. I'm goin' in, what the hell? Smoke em' if you got em' boyeeez.
Served with: Baghdad Beef(Lamb) Stew. A food friendly wine to be enjoyed with such things as grilled meats, lamb, venison, hearty stews, herby red sauced stuff, antipasto, and medium to bold cheeses. 
Appearance: Ruby red lit with a violet black light. She's a vision to behold. 
On the snoot: Bold pungent hyacinth with ripe fruit and catnip. 
Taste: A comforting burst of jammy plum and cherry with cracked pepper and sassafras mingle in her aura presenting a wise and exotic demeanor. Soft tannins embrace the tongue as gentle fruit, spice, and herb cascade gracefully through an extended four point finish. 
Balance: Well balanced with good solid structure. Sparkling acid faeries generate energy around a sweet cherry center. Tannins are soft and minimal. Alcohol high but not offensive. 
Comments: Spanish wines seldom disappoint me and this one is no exception to the rule. I loved it. Good wine, good price, good times. Salud! 

Rating: 4 tipsys

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Reveler Red Cuvee 10'

Naked Wine Review 153

Wine: The Reveler
Grapes: 42% Cabernet Franc, 29% Merlot, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: Revelry Vintners 
Vintage: 10'
Region: Washington State>Columbia Valley>Walla Walla
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 10/4/14
Place tasted: I was on a carousel embracing the sounds and the daydream of time passing. We started fresh and you followed me like music trying to catch up. No wait, I was sitting on the roof of my house listening to the traffic and pretending it was a river and blowing those kid bubbles from a pink plastic bubble holder while I waited for you. No not that, it was midnight and I knew you were coming because you were next in my appointment book. I looked up and the full round moon rolled up and down my spine as I sipped wine in serenity, realizing that I was really kind of everywhere, and I wasn't actually waiting at all. 
Served with: Paired perfectly with Pepper Steak on rice. It's really good, really easy, and you should really try it (replace steak with eggplant or firm tofu if you don't care for meat). 
She's a bold wine that pairs well with herby or spicy foods. Lamb, game, grilled meats, red sauced pasta dishes, antipasto, bleu and other strong cheeses, and of course dark chocolate would all be nice with this one. 
Appearance: Deep purple aubergine in a luminous ruby light that leaves a viscous coat of liquid velvet followed by lovely slow naked legs running down the inside of your glass. 
On the snoot: The breath of a goddess exhaling an intoxicating perfume of rose petals and ripe blackberry. 
Taste: A dry yet full kiss of earth and oak opening into a more berry and black current mouthful with lingering notes of basil and tobacco that follow through a slow finish that rides over rolling hills of posh tannins.
Balance: She's composed and beautifully balanced; very dry with no residual sugars and plentiful yet not overpowering tannins.
Comments: This wine is a little hot right out of the bottle so let breathe a while or decant first. Having said that I must admit I enjoyed experiencing the entire journey, from hot beginning to soft blended finish. 

Rating: 4 solid tipsys

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

les Moirets Cotes du Rhone 11'

Naked Wine Review 152

Wine: les Moirets Cotes du Rhone
Grapes: Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre  
Producer: Ogier
Vintage: 11'
Region: France>Rhone>Cote du Rhone>Controlee
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 9/22/14
Place tasted: The day had kissed the night at exactly the same hour as the night kissed the day. I think they are enchanted with one another. Something inside me felt a calm sense of balance and an ocean blossomed on the north side of my heart where the moss grows. As I sipped and gazed distantly through a window into my happy place I felt complete satisfaction and a profound gratitude for having experienced paradise so many times.
Served with: Quick Stuffed Tomatoes. A very food friendly wine. Just avoid heavy spices that may overpower her more subtle nature (herby ok). All cheeses, good; veggies, very good; herby pasta and even Fettuccine Alfredo...all good. 
Appearance: Light glowing garnet with pretty orange rusty edges.
On the snoot: The pleasant, very subtle scent of fruit and wood. 
Taste: The distant flavor of some kind of fruit. Is it raspberry or sour cherry? Whatever it is it takes on a vanilla note as it presents in a velvety mouthful. Soft, unfocused tannins twinkle randomly in the background. Finish is quick, light, and refreshing. 
Balance: Slight bodied with just a few very skinny legs. It has no residual sugars (which we like), mellow acids, alcohol high but not too hot, and soft astral tannins. 
Comments: A good easy drinking anytime wine; nice to have around as it goes with so many foods.

Rating: 3.6 easy drinking tipsys